World of Baladean

This campaign will be 5E DnD, A.K.A. DnD Next. Currently, it is in play test stage, and all materials are available for free online. You can download the packet for free here —> . I’ll be using the latest version of the rules, and in order to speed up the process, laptops at the table are appreciated in order to more readily look up the rules.

The goal of this campaign is that I set out an entire world for you, as the player, to explore. I will provide minimal guidance, with no railroading whatsoever. While there will be plot hooks (basically, rumors the party have heard about in the tavern), the party can explore wherever and whatever they want. As multiple parties explore the world of Baladean, dungeons will be cleared, more monsters move in, and time goes on. This means that even multiple explorations of the same dungeon could yield new discoveries each time.

With that, good luck to everyone, and let the adventures begin!